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02.10.2006 | Corporate News - 2005 Dividend

HANSEN Sicherheitstechnik AG

+++ Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG pays Shareholders 1 EUR Dividend
+++ Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG's Annual General Meeting on November 10, 2006
+++ Capacity Reduction at the Gelsenkirchen Plant
+++ Group Performance in 2006 meets Budget
+++ Management Board continues Dividend Policy

Munich, 10/02/2006: Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG (DE 000HAST002) has successfully completed the 2005 financial year and proposes a dividend payment to the shareholders in the amount of one Euro per share. "Our company's dividend policy provides for distributing earnings to our shareholders. As we have in the past, we place high value on having our shareholders participate in earnings and we see continued dividends in future years as an important factor in our relationship with our shareholders. Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG wants to be one of the dividend-strong companies in the capital market in the future as well", according to Christian Dreyer, CEO of Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG.

The Annual General Meeting, which will formally pass resolutions on the completed financial year and on appropriation of earnings and the proposed dividend, will convene on November 10, 2006 in Munich.

Furthermore, Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG agreed on a severance-pay scheme to remove 35 of the 45 jobs at the plant in Gelsenkirchen, leaving the Gelsenkirchen location with a 10-man sales and planning office and service facility.  The one-time expense for severance payments amounts to 300 tEUR. Additionally, the Management Board forecasts a loss in the amount of 1.1 million EUR for the Gelsenkirchen plant, which - including other costs - adds up to a cumulated special charge of about 1.5 million EUR which the draw-down in capacity in Germany will cost. The reduction in German mining activity is responsible for the reduction in capacity in Gelsenkirchen. A production facility without a domestic market is not economically sustainable. 

Despite the cutbacks at the Gelsenkirchen plant, the general trend at Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG is positive.  The Management Board assumes there will also be a dividend distribution for the year 2006.

The Management Board

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