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10.05.2007 | Corporate News - KOPEX S.A., Poland acquires controlling stake in Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG

+++ KOPEX S.A., Poland acquires controlling stake in Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG
+++ Strategic partnership to expand the product portfolio and enter new markets
+++ Voluntary takeover offer of EUR 35.00 per share for all shareholders

Munich, May 10, 2007: The CEO of Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG (DE 000HAST002) announces that the current majority shareholder of Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG, which is Hansen Beteiligungs GmbH, Salzburg, Austria, today signed a contract with Kopex S.A., Katowice, Poland for the sale of 850,000 shares of Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG. The transaction is subject to the approvals of the Polish and Czech antitrust offices to become effective.

With this investment, Kopex S.A., with annual group sales of EUR 250 million, supplements its product portfolio of mining machinery with electrical engineering and electronics products, and thus moves one step closer to the strategic goal of being a one-stop systems supplier for the mining industry. Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG will benefit from Kopex's strong market position, primarily in Eastern Europe and in China. Kopex S.A., with 4,000 employees, lays the foundation for its expansion into the area of electrical engineering and electronic technology by becoming the majority shareholder of Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG. Kopex's intention in the future is to expand this business area with new products and further acquisitions.

Kopex S.A. and the management of Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG are convinced that the high growth rate demonstrated in the company's past will continue at the same pace.

After the contract's effective date, following the antitrust offices' approval, Kopex S.A. will provide all current shareholders as of May 10, 2007 with a voluntary takeover offer, guaranteed by a large German bank, for a price of EUR 35 per share. The offer will be valid until July 31, 2008.

Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG will retain its listing in the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the management of its current CEO, Christian Dreyer.

The transaction was accompanied by GCI Management AG, Munich, a management and investment company listed in Frankfurt.

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