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11.10.2007 | Corporate News - Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG Releases Figures for the First Six Months of 2007

+++ Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG Releases Figures for the First Six Months of 2007
+++ EBIT Margin Increases to 23 Percent
+++ Record Year 2007 Expected
+++ CEO Dreyer Holds Right to Withdraw from Sale of Majority Share

Munich, 10/11/2007: Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG (ISIN: DE000HAST002) released sales revenue and earnings figures for the first six months of 2007 today. Sales revenues of the three production companies did decrease slightly during the first six months of 2007 compared to the 2006 comparison period by EUR 0.97 million to EUR 16.42 million. Despite the decrease in sales revenues, it was possible to increase earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) by EUR 0.42 million to EUR 3.77 million. This corresponds to an increase of 13 percent compared to the first six months of 2006. The EBIT margin increased correspondingly to 23 percent (2006: 19.2 percent). The Czech production company Ostroj - Hansen & Reinders spol.s r.o. contributed significantly to the improved margin and the reduction in capacity in Germany. Note that the IFRS six-month figures in 2007 of the three production companies are unconsolidated and 2006 comparison figures are unaudited because we started compiling interim financial statements this financial year.

Each of Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG's companies performed as follows: The Czech company Ostroj - Hansen & Reinders spol.s r.o. had sales revenues of EUR 6.97 million (2006: EUR 7.03 million) and improved EBIT by 56 percent to EUR 2.01 million (2006: EUR 1.29 million). Elgor + Hansen sp.z o.o., based in Poland, had sales revenues in the amount of EUR 7.79 million (2006: EUR 8.85 million) and EBIT of EUR 1.66 million (2006: EUR 1.96 million). In South Africa, Hansen + Genwest (pty.) ltd. increased its sales revenues by 10 percent to EUR 1.66 million (2006: EUR 1.51 million) and reports 3 percent higher EBIT in the amount of EUR 0.10 million.

Considering Hansen Group's typically strong second half of the year and diverse positive order backlogs and developments, Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG's Management Board is expecting a record year with a conservative total sales revenues forecast of over EUR 45.0 million and an EBIT margin of over 20 percent.

Christian Dreyer, CEO and majority shareholder of Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG, also announces that--since the cartel authorities have not granted their approval to the sale--he holds the unilateral right to withdraw from the contract signed in May 2007 to sell a 68 percent share to KOPEX S.A. This right can be exercised from 09/01 to 12/31/2007. Mr. Dreyer is consideringexercising this withdrawal right and will make a final decision sometime during the next few weeks. In doing so Mr. Dreyer would remain majority shareholder of Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG.

"During the first two quarters of 2007, Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG was able to confirm and even surpass its earnings power demonstrated in the past. Despite the slight drop in sales revenues during the customarily weaker first six months, we once again were able to increase our EBIT to about 23 percent. Above all, the positive signals in respect to the operating trends of our subsidiaries for the current financial year as well as possible growth prospects in additional core markets, in this case particularly China, let us expect a new record year in 2007. The outstanding developments and immense growth potential of Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG motivate me to be available to the Company on a long-term basis - eventually as majority shareholder as well", according to CEO Christian Dreyer.

CEO/Management Board

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About Hansen Sicherheitstechnik:
The roughly 360 employees of Hansen Group develop and manufacture explosion-proof electrical and monitor systems for the underground coal mining industry and in doing so also provide engineering, service and repair services. Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG is the holding company of the Hansen Group. Production companies are currently located in Poland, the Czech Republic and in South Africa, sales and service offices are in Germany, Russia and China. Hansen Sicherheitstechnik is listed in the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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