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30.04.2009 | Corporate News - Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG releases its figures for the year 2008

+++ Record-Setting Sales Revenues of EUR 54.5 Million (+41.5 Percent)
+++ 21.9 Percent EBIT Margin / 17.9 Percent in 2007
+++ Gratifying Developments at all Hansen Subsidiaries
+++ Positive Mid-Term Outlook

Munich, April 30, 2009: Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG (ISIN: DE000HAST002) released ist audited figures for the 2008 financial year today. According to the figures, the internationally active company reported record-setting sales revenues in the amount of 54.5 million. This equates to a 41.5 percent increase in sales revenues over last year (2007: EUR 38.5 million). EBIT for the year increased by 58.8 percent from EUR 7.5 million in 2007 to EUR 12.0 million in 2008. The EBIT margin improved to 21.9 percent (2007: 17.9 percent). Consolidated net income in 2008 was EUR 8.9 million (2007: EUR 5.7 million). Earnings per share in 2008 improved correspondingly from EUR 1.60 to EUR 2.67 (number of shares: 2,500,000).

According to Hansen's segment definitions, all geographic regions where Hansen subsidiaries are located showed highly positive trends. The strongest geographical segment as measured by external sales revenues – Poland – increased its external sales revenues by 14 percent to EUR 22.8 million. Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG was once again able to extend its market leadership position in this segment. The segments Czech Republic with 76 percent, South Africa with 74 percent and Russia with 45 percent external sales growth provided a decisive contribution to Hansen's recordsetting year 2008.

Hansen's successful implementation of a cost-cutting program was a major contributing factor to Hansen Group's record-setting annual earnings. Improved purchasing conditions and lowered raw materials prices led to a reduced cost-of-materials ratio compared to 2007 as well. Above all, increased purchasing in China had a profoundly positive impact within Hansen Group. Hansen China delivered production components for all operating companies within Hansen Group and increased its intercompany sales revenues by 116 percent to 1.5 million over 2007.

"We were once again able in the record-setting year 2008 to demonstrate our strategically successful know-how in the areas of development and production of explosion-proof electrical systems for use in underground mines. In addition to benefiting from the decrease in raw materials Corporate News from April 30, 2009, HANSEN Sicherheitstechnik AG prices, Hansen Group benefited greatly from the low cost-of-materials ratio made possible by our wholly-owned subsidiary in China. Due to the general economic slowdown and its repercussions on the global economic system which cannot currently be estimated, it is very difficult to attempt an exact forecast for future years. Despite the positive trend at Hansen Group, we predict consolidated sales revenues in 2009 to be roughly at the same level as those in the year 2007. Assuming our basic business policies will remain the same, we expect that Hansen Group's sales revenues and earnings will be able to continue to show a positive trend over the mid-term". according to Tomasz Kowalczyk, CEO of Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG.

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